Moving to a Cloud Based solution with Top Vision

NetSuite ERP

Top Vision delivers to its customers the world’s leading cloud ERP software − NetSuite ERP

Our experts handle complex financial aspects, such as revenue recognition and international taxation. As synergic solutions providers, we also have experience and proficiency in the supply chain, such as a PLM system, a configuration control system, and logistics modules. Our team lead development to production transitioning and interfacing with global trading systems like Amazon, Shopify, Woo Commerce, and many more.

Top Vision has a global network of partners supporting the implementation of localization in various countries in South America, China, and India.

Top Vision excellent human capital is the basis for its success

Our experts bring versatility and know-how to each new customer,

the fruit of hundreds of successful projects in diverse organizations and industries.

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For companies operating in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, NetSuite provides dedicated modules for handling accounting and operational issues, with a built-in Revenue Recognition Module and integral support for operations in various countries, currencies, and different types of customer contracts, including subscriptions and payments.

erp מערכת לחברות סייבר ואבטחת מידע

Cyber & Security

Companies offering software and services in these areas will find NetSuite to be a comprehensive, shelf-ready solution for their unique needs, including a Revenue Recognition Module that includes different accounting for each component in the product and service packages offered to customers, built-in CRM, lead management, and even reported attack infrastructure.

מערכת ERP

Medical Devices

NetSuite includes meticulous inventory management with complete control over each item’s life, validity and product usage analytics (such as inventory utilization, according to expiration processes and non-compliance management). The most stringent quality control and quality monitoring components, essential for companies engaging in medical devices, are built into the system and may be adapted to any specific set of standards.

מערכת ERP לחברות סחר בינלאומי

International commerce

Companies engaged in international trade and product marketing will find in NetSuite easy and simple interfaces to work with Amazon and Shopify alongside advanced modules for order management, inventory, intercompany accounting, pricing, contractor and subcontractor management, advanced distribution networks, warehousing and more.

מערכת ERP לאלקטרוניקה  וסמי קונדקטור

Electronics and semiconductors

Companies engaged in manufacturing and marketing of electronic components and products will enjoy elaborate, customized modules for engineering, production and inventory management, including product trees with item level coding, inventory management, pricing and inventory cost by assembled elements, items and finished products, RMA management, warranty management and warehouse inventory management (WMS), as well as the ability to open service calls.