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Medical Devices

The most advanced standards. Simple.

מערכת ERP לניהול מלאי מכשור רפואי

The development, production, and marketing of medical devices require the highest levels of inventory control, uncompromised monitoring components and products’ history in various cross-sections, and the ability to capture an uninterrupted, updated, precise status – anytime.

Oracle NetSuite provides medical device companies with an array of software solutions successfully implemented in some of the largest global organizations engaging in medical instruments, medications and equipment. From supporting the strictest quality standards, CRM, managing complex production and costing protocols, and up to handling suppliers and finance, all done with a deep understanding of global organizations’ work processes.

Uncompromising safety, quality, and control, with a convenient user interface

In the current, ultra-modern business and commerce sectors, every manufacturer and distributor needs a system that enables the broadest, most convenient control, with the best performance monitoring and excellent future design. However, when medical devices and equipment are concerned, requirements are even stricter.

Oracle NetSuite is the world’s most advanced ERP envelope for managing production processes, design, quality, finances, customers, suppliers, etc. As a flexible platform intended to meet every business sector’s needs, special attention is given to organizations that address sensitive and delicate sectors, such as medical devices and medications.

Netsuite ERP לניהול מלאי למכשור רפואי

The system features:

Netsuite ERP בענן

Quick and easy monitoring of each serial number, batch, product, and item’s entire history. Working in a cloud gives access to all the data from every instrument, and exceptional management flexibility.

erp מערכת לניהול מלאי

Advanced inventory following the strictest standards, with full control over each item’s life-cycle, and advanced settings for managing nonconformities and expiry dates.

ERP CLOUD מבית נטסוויט

WMS and RMA − Warehouses, advanced procurement management, and, of course, the world’s leading CRM.