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Cyber and information security


The cloud that provides perfect support for global activities

מערכת ERP מבית נטסוויט

NetSuite provides comprehensive solutions, supporting the activities of globally oriented organizations. The system comprises advanced accounting modules which incorporate different countries and currencies, complex and varied costing models, contracts, and billing. Additionally, with dedicated response provision in the cybersphere, like documentation of attack attempts against customers, integrated leads management and smart CRM module, the system fits like a glove to global cyber and security firms.

Extensive solution for every need

Oracle NetSuite modules provide a perfect response for every need of global organizations or those laying the foundations for international expansion. The cloud-based system allows you to manage customers and employees, contractors and sub-contractors, intra-organizational interactions, and those involving external entities. In addition, the system is modular and enables adding modules and functions on the fly, rather than improved implementations.

Netsuite ERP לחברות סייבר

NetSuite working environment features

Netsuite ERP - מערכת בענן

Simple integration and an amazingly convenient user interface

erp מערכת לארגונים

Excellent responsiveness and perfect scalability providing a complete solution for the organization’s management and operational needs

מערכת ERP לארגוני סייבר

An end-to-end solution enabling organizations to develop solutions and improve relationships with customers