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NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

Leading information platform

NetSuite ERP is the world’s leading cloud ERP system, supporting all the organization’s functions and providing a uniform, concentrated, and common source of management/ financial/ operational information in real-time.
IDC and Gartner grade NetSuite in the first place as a cloud ERP system for small and medium businesses.

NetSuite is the optimal system for companies growing in Hi-Tech, services, and distribution that are undergoing global expansion. As a result, there are millions of worldwide NetSuite product users.

The system’s outstanding advantages

יתרונות מערכת נטסוויט

Extensive financial capabilities for managing financial statements, accounting, subsidiaries, in multiple currencies and localizations.


Analysis and business intelligence (BI) system, an advanced customer relations management (CRM) system.

מערכת ERP

Extensive functionality and a flexible platform for managing the organization’s resources.

מערכת Netsuite

Integration with Agile PLM − We at Top Group specialize in implementing systems to manage PLM product life-cycle, allowing for the integration of NetSuite with Agile PLM

NetSuite cloud-based ERP solution fits both large and small organizations


The cloud solution is significantly more cost-effective, making expensive computing infrastructure redundant

מערכת ERP בענן

Advanced and secure solution, accessible from all devices (mobile, landline, smartphone, laptop)

erp מערכת בענן

Executive Dashboard – an overview of global companies/ agencies/warehouses/ stocks.

erp מערכת בענן מותאמת

Adaptative to the different and changing regulatory environments in each country

פתרון ERP

A solution that accurately satisfies the needs of growing companies with global representations.