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An exquisite working environment for your unique operation model from step 1

Netsuite  ERP  לחברות תוכנה

Software companies require some unique features to their ERP systems like an accounting module that supports varied and complex contracts, a deployment that follows international standards such as ASC606, and the capability of efficiently managing agreements and representations in various countries, currencies, and time zones. NetSuite is the leading software solution for companies’ management, SaaS, allowing them to do more with less time and effort, with the flexibility only available through a cloud environment.

A comprehensive solution for all Saas-related isses

The services sector in general, and the SaaS sector in particular, have been the center of attention and constant development of Oracle NetSuite. The PSA (Professional Service Automation) module is built specifically to address the needs of organizations in the service industry, with an emphasis on software services vendors.


Companies who choose NetSuite benefit from:

מערכת ERP לבתי תוכנה

Full dashboard display of all organizational financial and operational activities. Everywhere. Anytime.


Dedicated corporate SaaS accounting, with specific attention to various income and billing models.

מערכת ERP

Built-in and intuitive support for multiple currencies, languages, and time zones.
A precise working environment for your unique operational model from the very first moment.