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Electronics and semiconductors

Processes & Interactions in REAL-TIME

erp מערכת

Oracle NetSuite was designed and constructed to give global organizations the exceptional advantage of using one system addressing their business needs. It features the most advanced and comprehensive modules, with production management and planning options, purchasing, inventory control, and a CRM based on the best technological and organizational understanding and human capital management, alongside financial matters, supply and distribution chain.

NetSuite allows organizations of all sizes to manage their activities with unprecedented efficiency, with exceptional advantages for companies engaging in complex products in the electronics sector demanding out-of-the-box costing, planning, and inventory management protocols. A system intended to simplifyy and facilitate your daily routines

Focused on doing your work simply and efficiently

Companies engaging in the production, marketing, sales, repair of electronic products and components will find Oracle NetSuite to be the best end-to-end answer for all their needs and requirements from an ERP system, plus working and accessing simplicity only possible with cloud-based ERP.

Oracle NetSuite’s tremendous experience in planning advanced, scalable and intelligent ERP systems used to exploit and leverage the organization’s capabilities, is reflected in overall supporting the specific requirements for  electronic products.

מערכת ERP מבית

Organizations engaging in this field will benefit from:

erp מערכת מודולרית

Extensive production and inventory management modules, with highly detailed product trees

מערכת ERP התומכת במודולים מורכבים

Support of complex costing, customer management, suppliers, and distribution models.

מערכת ERP בענן

Design capabilities based on actual data with complete status of what is happening worldwide in every part of the organization.